Between 2-4 October 2015, over 1,100 hardy souls made their way to Wichita to meet the Doctor (Colin Baker) and his companions Steve, Jamie, Victoria, Dr Grace, Courtney and Peri. Sonic screwdriver creator Victor Pemberton was in attendance as was Andrew Cartmel. Dr Behrman of WSU delivered a lecture on time travel, while convention circuit favorites MC Peter Pixie, Gel E Bean, and Bill Breuer kept the fans entertained. Here are some snippets of the press coverage we received. Click the highlighted sections to read the whole article.

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Wichita Eagle

It wasn’t Kieran Kinsella’s English accent that got him named chairman of Wichita’s first “Doctor Who” convention. The gathering devoted to the long-running British science fiction TV show was actually his idea – although one quickly seized upon by fans here.

SCIFI4ME Andrew Cartmel interview at Time Eddy

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The Time Eddy convention is descending upon Wichita, Kansas, and it’s about to land!
This weekend (October 2nd – 4th), big names like Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown), Andrew Cartmel (script editor for the show in the 80s), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Nev Fountain, and more, will gather together for the first Doctor Who convention Kansas has seen in 25 years.

Doctor Who Watch

You might be inclined to think that Doctor Who conventions, whether official or fan-run, are confined to the coasts of the continental United States… or even more likely, happen across the pond in the now-highly-popular show’s country of origin. But not so!>

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