The Space Mausoleum

Experience a Doctor Who adventure firsthand by taking on a role in our murder mystery dinner party: The Space Mausoleum. This separately ticketed event will take place at the Drury hotel on Friday 20 October at 7pm. Attendance is strictly limited to a small group of suspects and sleuths. As during last years’ murder mystery: The Peladon Proposal — some of our celebrity guests will taking part in the action IN CHARACTER. Last year attendees got the chance to act alongside Terry Molloy (as Davros), Stephen Thorne (as Omega) and Caitlin Blackwood (as Amy Pond). This year promises to be even bigger, better and more mysterious. Register on the BUY NOW link below and read more about this event further down the page.

The Story so far …

A dusty old space museum is all that’s left on the planet Xeros as a reminder of the great Morok empire. It contains a macabre ensemble of artifacts including aliens who were frozen in time as permanent exhibits. The museum was recently acquired by a Lurman carnival entertainer named Festus. He and his female companion Gazoonie are desperately hawking the museum as a tourist destination. While curiosity seekers arrive in droves, a mysterious cleric has been campaigning to have the place turned into a mausoleum. Like many, he feels the aliens on display deserve a funerary environment rather than a carnival atmosphere. Supporters of the cleric have been flocking to Xeros, to pay their respects and to protest against the cash hungry owners.

While the majority of the visitors are focused on the organic artifacts, others are drawn by the priceless guns, jewels, and heirlooms on display. Security is lax and numerous items have been stolen by treasure hunters since the Lurman’s took control of the museum. This weekend tensions and crime rise to a new level as MURDER comes to the Space Mausoleum.


Is food included? Yes. The ticket price includes participation in the murder mystery and attendance at the meal for one person. The meal will include a variety of Italian pasta options including both vegetarian and meat selections, salad, garlic rolls, desserts, and soft drinks. There will also be a cash bar where you can purchase alcoholic beverages.

Are Costumes Required? No, but we encourage you to dress in character if you’re able to. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate outfit. Last year some attendees really went to town with customized costumes while others kept it simple with dark colors for a villain. But you will need to stay in character during the game even if you come in your regular clothes.

Can I choose my role? The casting is done by us based upon a variety of factors. Rest assured all of the characters will be a lot fun.

Do I need to be an expert to win? Not at all. The clues will be laid out before you and you can use your detective skills to solve the murder mystery. Prior knowledge of the characters or even Doctor Who is not necessary. However, if you want to familiarize yourself with some of the characters, and themes explored you may want to watch the following Doctor Who Stories: The Space Museum, The Dalek’s Masterplan, The Carnival of Monsters, Meglos and Delta and The Bannermen.

Is admission to Time Eddy necessary to attend this event? Yes you must buy a Friday only, or three day general Time Eddy III admission if you wish to attend this event.

Will it sell out fast? Last year it did so we expect a similar rush on tickets this time. Book your spot today by clicking the link below.