Wibbilywobblytimeywimey will be returning to Wichita for Time Eddy III with a vast array of merchandise and their fantastic prop display — featuring many new items. Joining favorites such as “Handles” and the Ood, are Madame Vastra, and some rare artifacts including a handwritten letter from Patrick Troughton. The prop display was very popular with photographers and fans alike at TE2.



Timelord Travel Agency

Talking of photo opps, the Timelord Travel Agency will be offering fans the chance to have their photo taken with the Doctor’s iconic blue box — the TARDIS. Owners Kathy and Sam Stamps made an impression as cosplayers at TE2. This time they’ll be back with their immersive fan experience which includes a certain robot dog — K9.


Warehouse Roy G Biv

Warehouse Roy G Biv

Another returning favorite will be Warehouse Roy G Biv who will be at their third Time Eddy event. The Oklahoma based vendors make handmade clothing, nerdy home decor, cuffs, children’s items, and more! Many items are nerdy or geeky in some way. They also make dresses and skirts that give young girls the chance to express their love for all things nerdy.

Captain Wells Studios

Captain Wells Studios

Captain Wells is an artistic collaboration of Heather Alston and Aaron Shirley.  Heather and Aaron both studied Art at Peru State College and have continued their artistic pursuits together after college, setting up to display art at shows and conventions across the Midwest. They work in a variety of mediums including charcoal, oil paint, watercolors, and acrylic paints. Their current projects include a variety of subject matters ranging from Doctor who and Star Wars to Windmills and Flowers.
Tank Zombie Studios

Tank Zombie Studios

Tank-Zombie Studios is the collaborative efforts of Author/Illustrators Axton Kahler and Jesse Kiefer.
Together they bring their unique style and humor to area conventions and the internet at large. We individually have published works under publishers as well as independently, we run the Fremont Area Alternative Artist Jam at Fremont’s Gallery 92 West, publish webcomics online, and advocate for cartooning as art educators.



Robert Collins

Another third year TE veteran is local favorite Robert Collins. The author lives in Kansas, and writes science fiction and fantasy. He’s written novels, novellas, and short stories, and has series and stand-alone works.



Tina Chaffee Designs

Tina Chaffee Designs debuted at TEII and we are glad to welcome them back for TE3. Copper, brass, aluminum jewelry and more, inspired by popular culture, science fiction, and literature. Customized orders available.




Hattrick Enterprises, LLC make a welcome return to Time Eddy. They offer an array of must-have geek items including engravings, props and much more.




Time Eddy II favorites, Bop Bop Kat will be represented at Time Eddy III. They offer unique embroidered items to satisfy the needs of every fandom lover.

Fan Girl Frames will be at their second Time Eddy. They offer specially crafted frames that you can store you signed autographs and celebrity photos in.











Also FAN GIRL FRAMES and many more …