We are working on our programming schedule and we have some panels that we are reaching out to for presenters!  We’d like to place 2 to 4 panelists on each panel so you won’t be out on an island alone!


Here is the list of topics we’re currently looking to add additional panelists on:


K-9 & Co to Class: A Discussion of the Spinoffs of Doctor Who

Whether it’s K-9 & Co, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, or Class – the Doctor Who Spin-offs have generated a lot of fans and opinion. Join us as we touch on what did and didn’t work for us in all of them.   


The Boyfriend Factor

From being ridiculed and disrespected, to being killed off multiple times, to being dropped off in an alternate reality – boyfriends aren’t always welcomed with open arms in Doctor Who. Is the Doctor threatened by another man in his companion’s life and if so is it the attention, the adoration or something more emotional?


Companions of a Certain Age

We’ll discuss (slightly) older folks’ roles in the series. Who are the most influential 30+ characters in Who? How have the companions changed over the course of the series, and how much of that related to age? How has age determined the nature of Doctor/companion relationships?


Cosplayers of a Certain Age

Come hear some (ahem) more “seasoned” cosplayers discuss the challenges of balancing cosplay in a world where focusing on our careers, picking up the kids and trading that can of soda for a glass of wine are often all you have the time and energy to do. Basically adult-ing has become priority #1. We will discuss how we handle ageism in cosplay spaces, balancing the hobby with day to day life and why we aren’t about to stop dressing up and geeking out anytime soon.


New Adventures: Tales of the 7th Doctor’s Novels

The television show may have ended after Survival in 1989, but the story of the 7th Doctor was just getting started.   Which of the New Adventure book are essential reading?  


Old Friends: The First Doctor’s Companions

A discussion about the 1st Doctor’s traveling partners and how they were the pioneers that established the archetype of the concept of the “Doctor’s companion”.  What worked, what didn’t?   We’ll discuss everything from Susan being extremely accident prone to how Katarina’s sacrifice could have great changed the legacy of another companion and much more.


Out of the Mouths of Babes: Kids Discuss Doctor Who

Kids say the darndest things and usually it’s unfiltered, unjaded, and amusing. Occasionally, it’s the perspective of children on the show that remind us why we love it so much.  This will be a panel of children discussing different aspects of Doctor Who (with an adult host of course) and they’ll even field some questions for the crowd!    

(We do ask that if you sign your child up for the panel that you remain present in the room at all times.)


Not One Word: Visiting Earth’s History Through Doctor Who

Historical episodes and references have always been a part of Doctor Who.  On this panel we will discuss how the show addresses historical concepts and events, how the show has changed its emphasis on history over the years, and the ways that characters from history have been included in the show.


Smith & Jones: Remembering Martha’s Walk Around the World

She was only around for one season, but Martha Jones was a fantastic character.  Join our panel as they discuss the highs and lows of the Martha Jones era.


The Song Remains the Same: A River Song Panel

Let’s talk about River Song!  She’s figured prominently in the lives of the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor — and has even appeared with the Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth on audio. Love her, hate her: she’s the Doctor’s wife (or is she?); she’s become a mainstay character across many eras and now has her on spin-off series with Big Finish.  How would she work with the 13th Doctor?  We’ll discuss all things Melody Pond!


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