One of the highlights of TE2 was the live concert by Doctor Who composer Dominic Glynn featuring stunning visuals by Novachild. Having recently scored the acclaimed documentary “You’ve Been Trumped Too,” Dominic is returning to his Gallifreyan roots with a Happiness Patrol EP remix. He will perform the tracks live on Saturday night at TE3 with visuals again provided by Novachild of Oklahoma.


The Timey Wimey Puppet Show has become a staple for fan conventions as far afield as Gallifrey One in L.A. and Planet Comicon. We are thrilled that the masterful puppeteers have offered to bring their fantastic show to Time Eddy III. 


Doctor Who fans on the East coast are well acquainted with the talented musician, performer and cosplay starlet Cat Smith. The ukulele playing “Miss Nerdstiles” who has been a smash hit at events such as Regeneration Who, will be making her Time Eddy debut this October.



No convention is complete without a copslay masquerade and this year we are bringing in the experts. Coal Hill Consulting were represented at TE1 and TE2 but this year the whole crew are coming along to organize our cosplay programming. Like Cat Smith, the crew are also involved with programming at Regeneration Who in Maryland as well being celebrated faces at every major Doctor Who convention from Los Angeles to New York.